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CARTONDIS is a company specialised in the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard, cardboard packaging and containers, as well as display stands, POS, and inner packaging protection.

CARTONDIS was founded in 1981 and its main objective is the manufacturing and commercialization of these corrugated cardboard products for the whole industrial sector. During these past 33 years of experience, the management of the group has strengthened their market position by continuously improving their service, implementing a quality control system and giving technical advice to their clients.

We are the result of a long search to give the best service and satisfy our clients with the best quality, and improving the costs taking into consideration the cardboard packaging market requirements. CARTONDIS has currently two Quality Certificates from AENOR, as a result of all the work and focus on continuously improving the quality:

  • In 1997 we obtained the AENOR Quality Certificate and registration according to the ISO 9002/94 regulation.
  • In 2003 we obtained the AENOR Quality Certificate and registration according to the ISO 9001/2000 regulation.

Our biggest concern after quality is the environment and how we can preserve it the best way possible. CARTONDIS has implemented in this sense the Environmental Management System ISO 14001-2004, strengthening our clients´ trust in this matter.

Through permanent effort and dedication, new training programmes and courses are being developed in all areas and levels in order to compete with other highly prestigious companies in the same sector. The company counts on a solid amount of clients, who with their orders contribute to the company´s growth and consolidation.

We have two production sites in Loeches (Madrid, Spain) and Burgos (Spain). The same administration team is responsible for both the management and quality of the factories. We also have three distribution and assembly centres in Vigo, Laredo and Valladolid.

Environmental Certificates

We are certified in the Environmental Management System UNE-EN ISO 14001.

Quality Certificates

We are certified in the Quality Management System UNE-EN ISO 9001

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AFCO Members

We are members of the Manufacturers ´Association of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging